W4GMM Repeater System was born out of a need for a place for R.A.C.E.S. and ARES to conduct training and exercises. Many of the repeaters in the Memphis Tennessee area welcomed emergency communication, however, their members would get upset if there were too many training nets etc. So I sponsored and built the 2 meter repeater on 147.69/09  ctcss tone 107.2 ,and made its primary use Emergency Communication. Out of this endeavor has come a 6 meter machine 52.93/53.93(107.2 ctcss) and the 440 Mhz machine 447.275/442.175 (107.2 ctcss) – . Some time in the future a 10 meter repeater is planned.(29.580/29.680 Mhz.) I also have built and maintain the U.S. Air Force MARS repeater and maintain the MARA Club repeater(147.60/147.03).   During an emergency real or simulated the various emergency groups have priority.



W4GMM circa 1955
       I am W4GMM an Extra class licensee, and have been a ham for 30 years.I have been around Amateur Radio all my life. My dad, (deceased 03/25/99) , K4SP, exposed me to ham radio at an early age. I also have worked around radio’s for many years, first as a Microwave and Carrier Team Chief in the Army then as Supervisor of the Bellsouth IMTS/Two Way radio shop.  I hold a FCC Commercial License as well as a Second Class Technician certificate from NARTE. I am active on HF bands hold DXCC, WAS and WAC. I am involved with RACES, ARES, Red Cross and Air Force MARS. I am the former ARRL District Emergency Co-ordinator for District 1 Tennessee, an OES and past VE tester. I have taught ham radio theory for many years and have a passion for helping others get started. My efforts turned to repeaters when the local RACES group was having trouble finding a repeater to use for their training and drills. My goal is to build a battery powered emergency repeater system for the Memphis/Shelby County area. My desire is to complement the existing repeaters and take some of the load off, not to compete with them.  All the machines are built from Hamtronics® Kits and feature NHRC-2 or NHRC-3 controllers. They are all KISS machines, that is no auto patches, weather reports or news lines, just good coverage and free to all to use. Please give way to emergency drills and exercises and of course actual emergencies.